USED HURCO Large capacity TM18 CNC Lathe

MAX4 CNC control, 6.4″ bar capacity,
18″ chuck – OnlY 1,100 spindle hours, New 2012

USED HURCO Large capacity TM18 CNC Lathe LOOKS LIKE NEW! LOW HOURS – $84,995 MAX4 CNC control, 6.4″ bar capacity, 18″ chuck – Only 1,100 spindle hours, New 2012

Price if new – $215,000

CNC Lathe: Hurco TM-18, MAX CNC control, 6.4″ bar capacity, 18″ chuck, 1,100 spindle hours, New 2012
HURCO TM18 CNC LatheSpecifications
X-axis Travel17”
Z-axis Travel40”
W- Axis ( Tailstock)40”
Distance Between Centers43.9”
Swing Over Cross Slide25.6”
Maximum Turning Diameter25”
Maximum Turning Length39.4”
Spindle NoseA2-15
Spindle Speed (RPM)Low Gear 600 RPM
High Gear 1,600 RPM
Peak Spindle Motor Horsepower 73
Peak Spindle Motor TorqueLow Gear / 1,781 ft-lbs @ 217 rpm
High Gear / 445 ft-lbs @ 870 rpm
Maximum Bar Capacity6.5"
X-axis Rapid Feed Rate787 ipm
Z-axis Rapid Feed Rate787 ipm
Least Command Increment0.0001"
Positioning Accuracy-/+ 0.0002"
Repeatability-/+ 0.0001"
Hydraulic Tool Turret:TM18
Number of Tool Stations12 / Slotted
Turret Index Time (Adjacent)1.5 Seconds
OD vs. ID toolsAny Combination
Tool Shank Width1.25" X 1.25"
Machine Weight25,254 lbs

Single Screen HURCO
WinMax Control

The power of the WinMax Control, is the result of Hurco’s three decades of customer-centered software experience combined with the proven platform of Microsoft Windows. Power packed with 25 new features and hundreds of enhancements to existing software features, our engineers designed WinMax to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and improve surface finish. The WinMax control is equipped with two programming options so you can decide the best programming method for each job—Hurco’s shop floor programming, called Hurco Conversational, or NC (M and G codes) part programming.

Conversational programming allows you to program a part at the machine by reading the print or program worksheet. As you program the part, prompts and questions appear on the screen. You respond by selecting machine operations or entering part dimensions.  The software steps you through.

NC part programs can be created using the CNC software on the control or imported from an offline CAM System. With an enhanced NC interpreter, multi-line NC run time monitor with a G-Code modal display, and canned G-Code probing cycles, the NC side of the Max control is just as powerful as the Conversational programming method for which Hurco is known.

Hurco User-Friendly Max-4 CNC Control powered by WinMax

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