KITAMURA – Mycenter HX400iG Horizontal – Special Limited Time Pricing

Kitamura HX400iG Special Offer

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HIGH Performance Machining Center

Standard, Standard, Standard!

  • Induction hardened box ways. Made in Japan quality
  • Fine pitch ballscrews, 67 million pulse encoder technology
  • Linear scale feedback – all axes
  • Ballscrew Cooling in Z-axis
  • Integral drive full 4th axis 125min-1 (45,000deg/min) rotational speed
    1.3 second T-T change time

    AND (yes these are standard productivity enhancing features as well)
  • Hinge belt conveyor WITH chip conveyor reverse switch
  • Automatic Power Off Device
  • Maintenance Support Function
  • Kitamura Monitor/Adaptive Control
  • 3-Step Cycle Finish Lamp
  • Additional Tools and pallet pools can be added in field
  • 5th axis rotary table can be added in the field (on each pallet)
  • Touch screen Arumatik-Mi control
  • SSS (Super Smooth Surface) control offers exceptional surface finish capabilities,
    ideal for die-mold/3d applications, smoother & faster machining!

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