Machinery Sales many years of applications engineering experience, as well as our belief in a solution based approach to each customer’s manufacturing requirements, has lead to the installation of many world class production systems for our customers.  In an increasingly restrictive and over-regulated business environment, there is an imperative to reduce the physical labor content of each manufactured product unit.  In California manufacturing facilities, the successful implementation of Process Integration and Automation machinery is now the cornerstones of companies, which have prepared themselves to successfully competing on the world manufacturing stage.

Let Machinery Sales help you prepare your factory for the future.  What are your manufacturing problems?   Let’s work on finding your solutions.

Let’s start by talking about which solutions apply to your manufacturing scenario:

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  • 5 Axis Milling (Vertical, Horizontal, Trunnion Table, or Tilting Head)
  • Horizontal Milling
  • Vertical Milling
  • Multiple Spindles Lathes (Swiss or Conventional)
  • Multiple Turrets Lathe
  • Multiple Control “Paths”
  • Multiple Live Tools w/ Y Axis (Lathes)
  • Bar Loading and Bar Feeding (Short Bar, Full Bar, or Bundle Magazine)
  • Pallet Storage and Delivery Systems

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  • Robot Loading and Unloading
  • Multi-Process Tooling
  • Universal Work-holding
  • In-process Tool Probing
  • Tool – “Life” Monitoring
  • Part Probing and Accuracy Monitoring (In machine or outside machine)
  • High Pressure Coolant
  • Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL coolant supply)




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