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Since our inception in 1938, Machinery Sales Co. has prided itself on delivering the highest quality and best value to our customers.  This philosophy has helped us grow into an industry leader, distributing a wide range of premium metal-cutting machine tools throughout the United States.

As our many satisfied customers have come to know, Machinery Sales Co. offers not only products and services on which you can depend, but also a convenient, cost-effective partnership that will help your business succeed.


Who We Are

Machinery Sales Co. is one of the Pacific Southwest’s most dynamic full-service distributors of the finest quality metal-cutting machine tools.  Founded in 1938, we specialize in providing expert solutions to help your business succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

As an industry leader, Machinery Sales Co. carries top-of-the-line products and knows how to implement them to streamline manufacturing processes.  Our consistently superior technical expertise is what sets us apart, and we are unbeatable when it comes to developing turnkey applications.  Plus, Machinery Sales Co. has been providing flexible financing and leasing solutions since 1940.

Machinery Sales Co. supports the entire range of the manufacturing spectrum, including aerospace, defense, medical and dental, recreation, computer component makers, and job shops.  Companies of all sizes and types benefit from Machinery Sales Co. solutions.  Our staff provides superior service and support before and after the sale, and our premium products ensure the performance and accuracy required for precision applications.

Turnkey Solutions – Our Specialty

In today’s increasingly cutthroat manufacturing environment, many companies are faced with downsized staffing.  They come to Machinery Sales Co. to take advantage of our proven ability to engineer breakthrough turnkey solutions.  We have become very effective at helping our customers attain that next level of sophistication leading to bottom line savings.  Plus, we have especially superior expertise in turning, milling and grinding.

We use a collaborative process to develop your turnkey application.  Our product specialists and application engineers analyze your machine parts and blueprints plus other pertinent factors to identify ways of improving processes.  We formulate a unique solution, and set up our equipment accordingly, including cutting tools, work-holding fixtures and complete part programming.  Our expert testing and run-off procedures assure total accuracy and precision.  Upon acceptance, we install the new equipment and train your staff on your factory floor to insure that they are thoroughly comfortable with the new solution.  We ensure the new solution is successfully integrated with your operation and produces the expected results.  You can trust Machinery Sales Co. to be your partner in getting you to the optimum level of efficiency and effectiveness.

World Class Installation and Service

At Machinery Sales Co., we understand the importance of proper installation and maintenance of the products we sell. Our factory-trained staff of technicians includes specialists in mechanics, hydraulics, and electronics who are dedicated to maintaining Machinery Sales Co. provided equipment at peak levels of performance.

Breakdowns are rare due to the high quality of the product lines we carry. However, our service technicians are equipped with all the parts, components, and expertise to get your equipment back to peak operational performance on the rare occasions when breakdowns occur. Machinery Sales Co. also provides outstanding preventive maintenance programs and a complete line of parts and accessories. At Machinery Sales Co., we take pride in keeping your machines running and maintained in a fast, professional manner.

Outstanding Technical Center and Showroom

The Machinery Sales Co. technical center and showroom, located within our City of Industry, California headquarters, is very likely one of the best in Southern California.  This state-of-the-art facility houses over 30 pieces of the latest and finest equipment, powered up and ready to go.  Our application engineers and product specialists can show you how the latest computer controlled machinery can make your operation more competitive in today’s increasingly challenging environment.  Bring your parts or we’ll use our own to demonstrate product capabilities.  We are always available to meet with you and discuss your unique requirements.  Or, you can take advantage of our regularly scheduled open houses and workshops to learn more about our fine products and how Machinery Sales Co. can help you use them to gain that competitive edge.

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