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Eurotech – The world’s fastest 4 to 14 axis, horizontal turn/mill machines. Designed for unattended machining. Performing both standard universal turning & complete machining of complex work-pieces in 1-Op,  combining live tools, C-axis, Y-axis, and sub-spindle.  No One is Faster!

Europe’s leader in both horizontal and vertical multi-axes machinery. Founding in 1958, Eurotech’s products were initially introduced into North American in 1993 and have spread throughout the USA and Canada. Over 10,000 of the Eurotech machines have been produced for Europe alone. The European leader of CNC is continuing to build and expand in the United States and Canada.

Their success is founded on a commitment to cutting edge design and technology, delivering faster cycle times, and eliminating handling and other operations. This commitment to advanced technology brought to North America the Eurotech Advanced Systems Team.Coupled with the cutting edge design, world-class manufacturing facilities, and Euopean craftsmanship, Eurotech Systems specialize in offering process engineering, service applications, training and parts supply.


Eurotech adheres to the same process development on all projects, regardless of their size. You can count on Eurotech to develop a process:

  • That specifically addresses your needs.
  • That improves throughout.
  • That utilized the most innovative and proven technology.
  • That is easy to use and maintain.
  • For growth and flexibility for change.
  • To deliver the best return on investment.
  • To insure ongoing training in both technology & maintenance.


The ClearShift® Advantage

Eurotech’s ClearShift® feature allows interference free, simultaneous machining!  The ClearShift® sub-spindle features 2-axis programmable movement (longitudinal and transversal) and Heidenhein scales; and is offset from the main spindle eliminating most interference problems between the two turrets and improves cycles times and allows safer, simpler and faster set-up times. Both turrets can machine on main or subspindle.

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