ACC-DX Series Grinders are one of the most widely used grinders in existence. They are easy to operate and deliver consistent performance, accuracy and reliability unmatched by any grinder in their class. They are loaded with many standard features that make them the value leader in automatic surface grinders.

  • Rigid, double-walled column construction.
  • Solid state ergonomically design control.
  • Full width tables eliminate overhang.
  • High precision wheel spindles with super-precision, pre-loaded bearings.
  • Super-smooth table movement.
  • Rapid Vertical Feed.
  • Servo driven vertical feed.
Okamoto 1224DX Surface Grinder
Okamoto 1224DX Surface Grinder

Okamoto 1224DX Stock machine – Special pricing

Okamoto Precision Surface Grinding Machine Grinding Capacity 12” x 24”


A601PG3-SA Coolant System with Paper Filter (34 Gallon)


Okamoto Electro Magnetic Chuck (Height 2.95”, Pole Div.=0.59”, 95 W, Transverse)


Total Price for Okamoto 1224DX as listed above


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Special Price for Okamoto 1224DX as listed above


Offer for (1) Machine Only – Stock Subject to Prior Sale

F.O.B.  Machinery Sales Co. Showroom, City of Industry, CA

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Machine Specifications


Maximum Longitudinal Travel                                                29.5 inch

Maximum Cross Travel                                                           13.5 inch

Maximum Distance under 12” Wheel to Table Surface           13.6 inch

Magnetic Chuck Size (WxL)                                                    12 x 24 inch

Table Load Capacity (Includes Chuck Weight)                        925 lbs


T-Slots (No. x Width)                                                              3 x 0.7”

Hydraulic Feed Rate                                                                1.0 – 82 ft/min.

Hand Feed per Revolution                                                       1.85 inch


Hydraulic Intermittent Crossfeed                                             0.02 – 0.8 inch

Hydraulic Continuous Crossfeed Rate                                     4 – 40 ft/min.

Crossfeed Per Revolution                                                        0.250 inch

Handfeed Dial Graduation                                                       0.001 inch


Automatic Vertical Feed per Table Stroke                               0.00005 – 0.0015 inch (10 settings)

Rapid Feed Rate                                                                      16 inch/min.

Manual Pulse Feed                                                                   (x.1)0.00001, (x1)0.0001

(x10)0.001 inch

Grinding Wheel:

Size (DxWxB)                                                                         12×1.5×5 inch (12×1.5×3 Avail.)

Speed                                                                                       1,800 rpm/60Hz.


Grinding Wheel Spindle                                                           5 hp

Hydraulic Pump                                                                       2 hp

Vertical Rapid Feed & Downfeed                                            0.5 AC Servo

Power Supply:                                                                         7.5 KVA

Desired Power Supply including

Electro-Magnetic Chuck & Coolant System

Floor Space (LxWxH):                                                            107x 75 x 70 inch

Net Weight:                                                                             5,280 lbs

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