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Hurco TM6i CNC 2-Axis Lathe

Hurco TM6i – The small footprint, large work cube, chip management system, and affordable price tag of our CNC slant-bed lathes in the TM Series make small batch manufacturing profitable. The lathes of TMi Series were designed for universal turning applications and offer an uncomplicated transition from manual turning.

Hurco VMX42SWi 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

Hurco VMX42SWi – Unique and Versatile 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with Swivel Head and Rotary Table. This machine is ideal for a variety of Aerospace or Automotive components which require draft angles or swept surface machining.

Hurco VM10UHSi 5-Axis, Trunnion Style Vertical Machining Center

Hurco VM10UHSi – High Speed 5-Axis, Trunnion Style Vertical Machining Center with Ultimotion for complex 3D applications insuring improved surface finish. This machine offers powerful full 5-Axis capabilities with a small footprint, it is well suited for medical or job shop components.


Hurco VM20i Vertical Machining Center

Hurco VM20i – Absolutely the Best Value on the Market. The VMi series of 3-axis machining centers features a small footprint with a large work cube. No other mill packs as much productivity into such an efficiently designed package.


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