Kitamura’s Mycenter-HX800G HMC Offers Enhanced Productivity and 1226n•M (904.2ft/Lbs) of Cutting Torque for Complex, Large Part Machining

Wheeling, IL – 2017 – Kitamura Machinery, the premier manufacturer of precision horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers, introduces the Mycenter-HX800G horizontal machining center, delivering the precision, accuracy and repeatability required to produce close tolerance parts from the toughest of materials. Consistent accuracies of ±0.002mm (±0.000079”)/Full Stroke and ±0.001mm (±0.000039”) repeatability are guaranteed. Net weight is an impressive 28,400kg (62,480Lbs).

Use of proven techniques such as induction hardened solid box way construction, hand-scraping of all mating surfaces and 4-step gear driven spindles all contribute to superior results and stability when machining larger heavy-duty parts for the automotive, oil and gas machinery, aerospace and heavy machinery industries.

Solid box ways and high grade Meehanite cast construction provide superior vibration absorption capabilities for improved surface quality, elevating finish capabilities to a higher level, at the same time overall life of cutting tools.

Mycenter-HX800G Features – Built to Handle Large Parts

Extended travels of (X) 1,550mm (61.0”), (Y) 1,300mm (51.2”), (Z) 1,400mm (55.1”) showcase Kitamura’s patented twin ballscrew and servo motor technology on all axes, delivering blazing “world’s fastest” 60m/min (2,362ipm) rapid rates on solid box ways. Work envelope of Ø1,525mm (Ø60.0”) x 1,550mm (61.0”) high beats the competition.

Easy accessibility for a machine of its size. Operators will love the large, easy to access work envelope with a max. and one piece, easy grip sliding doors, large windows and door openings along with easy spindle access. All combine to reduce and simplify operator work load and help to promote a safe work environment.

Mycenter-HX800G Features – Efficiency

The Mycenter-HX800G comes standard with a 54HP, 12,000rpm 4-step geared, dual contact spindle delivering 586N•m (432.1ft/lbs.) of max. torque for large drill/tap applications as well as those applications that require heavy material removal, combined with high rpm for fine finish capabilities – in a single set-up. An optional 8,000rpm high torque spindle is an available option with output max torque of 1226N•m (904.2ft/lbs.). The Dual contact design offers the benefits of greater machining rigidity, improved surface finishes, higher cutting accuracy and extended cutting tool life.

The Mycenter-HX800G comes standard with full 360° 4th axis simultaneous machining capabilities needed to machine complex, multi-sided parts, greatly reducing set-up time. In addition, Kitamura’s 2-station automatic pallet changer allows for the loading of parts while machining – dramatically improving spindle cutting time while allowing for in-process verification of component quality.

Kitamura’s pioneering interactive touch screen icon driven Arumatik-Mi control offers user friendly, unique features such as on demand “HELP” guidance, visual work setting, maintenance support functions, and a 19” swivel color LCD to easily guide the user in a completely customizable control environment. SSS Control delivers high speed processing of 270m/min feed with 1mm/block, 4,500 blocs/sec for smoother and faster machining of the most complex work pieces – Super easy, super-fast. Software upgrades are available throughout the life of the control so that means you are always ahead and never behind – the latest in CNC Technology.

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