Hurco HM1700i and HM1700Ri Large Capacity Horizontal Mills

Hurco HMi Series Horizontal Mills for Maximum Capacity

X, Y, Z Axis Travel 67 x 51 x 35 inches
Table Size 67 x 36 inches
The Perfect Solution for Large-Part Machining

The Hurco HM1700i horizontal mill machine is designed for maximum efficiency and is equipped with pre-tensioned, dual ballscrews which results in increased rigidity. The large, front and side access doors allows for easy operator use. It is fully equipped with an 8,000 rpm dual winding spindle for both high and low end torque operations. The HM1700Ri is also equipped with a direct drive B-axis torque table. With fast rapids, large work cube, and unique frame design on the HM1700i, it allows complex production parts to be machined efficiently and accurately.

Both horizontal mills that are equipped with a spindle that is used for both high and low end torque operations. The HM1700Ri has an embedded rotary torque table.HM1700i/1700Ri

Hurco HM1700i and HM1700Ri are both horizontal mills that are equipped with a spindle that is used for both high and low end torque operations
X, Y, Z -axis Travel67" x 51" x 35"67" x 47" x 35"
B Axis (Rotary)N/A360?
Maximum Table Load6,614 lbs.4,410 lbs.
Rotary Table N/A31.5" diam.
Table Working Surface67" x 36"65" x 33"
Table T-Slots7 x .7" on 4.92" centers5 x .7" on 4.92" centers
Spindle center to table surface6.5" - 58"5.5" - 53"
Coolant Capacity130 gallons130 gallons
Floor to Table Surface41"46"
Spindle TaperCAT 50CAT 50
Spindle Speed8,000 rpm8,000 rpm
Spindle Motor HP (peak)35.4 hp @ 625 rpm35.4 hp @ 625 rpm
Spindle Motor Torque (peak)298 ft. lbs.298 ft. lbs.
Rapid Traverse Rate X/Y/Z Axes (IPM)XZ: 1,181 ipm // Y: 787 ipmXZ: 1,181 ipm // Y: 787 ipm
Rapid Traverse Rate B-Axis (RPM)N/A50 rpm
Max Programmable Feedrate X/Y/ZXZ: 1,063 ipm // Y: 669 ipmXZ: 1,063 ipm // Y: 669 ipm
Least Command Increment.0001".0001"
Positioning Accuracy.0004".0004"
Positioning Accuracy (B Axis)N/A14 arc seconds
Repeatability (B Axis)N/A7 arc seconds
Automatic Tool Changer:HM1700iHM1700Ri
Number of Stations3030
Tool to Tool ATC Time3.7 sec.3.7 sec.
Tool Changer TypeSwing ArmSwing Arm
Maximum Tool Diameter4.7"4.7"
Maximum Tool Length11.8"11.8"
Max Tool Weight44 lbs.44 lbs.
Machine Dimensions:HM1700iHM1700Ri
Machine Footprint (WxDxH)171" x 149" x 141"171" x 149" x 141"
Machine Weight (approx.)39,690 lbs.44,517 lbs.
Power Rating / Full Load KVA50 KVA65 KVA
Voltage Requirements230 VAC / 60 Hz230 VAC / 60 Hz
Air Requirements5 CFM @ 85-100 psi5 CFM @ 85-100 psi

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